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LONDON — Germany goes to the polls today to decide who will be running the country for the next four years. As well as deciding whether Angela Merkel will return as chancellor, the elections on 24 September could have a big influence on the future shape of Europe as well as Brexit negotiations. Here's everything you need to know about how the German elections could shift Brexit. Wh

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How the German elections will change Brexit negotiations

MOTOGP star Valentino Rossi will makes his big return at the Aragon Grand Prix. Here's Express.co.uk's guide to how you can live stream the action online.

Daily Express

MotoGP live stream - How to watch Valentino Rossi return at Aragon Grand Prix online

Germans are heading to the polls for the country's general election. Chancellor Angela Merkel is widely expected to remain in power. There has been growing support for far-right party AfD, which could post its best performance in an election since the Nazis. The highly accurate exit poll should be published by around 7 p.m. local time. The result could have an impact on Brexit, wit

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Germany is heading to the polls — here's everything you need to know about an election

Uber has lost regulatory battles in dozens of cities. Even if it had not been banned in London, Uber faced a licence fee increase up to £2.9 million. The company lost a lobbying battle against a powerful union and its law firm. It was also hurt by a change in control of the mayor's office. That's a lot of political risk riding on the $12 billion that investors have ploughed into Ub

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The London ban shows how much of Uber's business is based on regulatory arbitrage

The mining process forms the most crucial part of the cryptocurrency ecosystem, as it is necessary to maintain the network and process transactions over it. However, profitable mining requires specialized hardware, loads of hashing power and electricity which is not affordable to everyone. While setting up a mining farm, two critical things should be considered … Continue reading H


Hydrominer Set to Launch Watt Based Tokens to the Market

Key Points Bitcoin cash price recovered from the $301 low but faced a major hurdle against the US Dollar. There is a crucial bearish trend line with resistance at $475 forming on the 4-hours chart of BCH/USD (data feed from Kraken). The pair might continue to struggle to break the $450-475 resistance in the near … Continue reading Bitcoin Cash Price Weekly Analysis – BCH/USD Facing


Bitcoin Cash Price Weekly Analysis – BCH/USD Facing Uphill Task

GUEST: Many autonomous vehicle discussions don’t go far enough in describing the impact the technology will have on behavior over time. We are concerned mostly with whether we’re talking about “hands on” or “hands off” the steering wheel, but at some point, confidence in the technology will grow and we won’t have to pay attention to the road or other cars at all as we ride. Then we


The road beyond self-driving cars

Key Points Bitcoin price has started a recovery from the $2965 low against the US Dollar and already moved above $3500. There is a monster bearish trend line with resistance near $3850 on the 4-hours chart of BTC/USD (data feed from SimpleFX). The pair has to break the 43850-4000 resistance to gain momentum in the … Continue reading Bitcoin Price Weekly Analysis – Can BTC/USD Break


Bitcoin Price Weekly Analysis – Can BTC/USD Break This?

Key Highlights ETH price after a major correction towards $199.75 found support against the US Dollar and started a recovery. There was a break above a major bearish trend line with resistance near $280.00 on the 4-hours chart of ETH/USD (data feed via SimpleFX). The pair might continue to trade higher and could even trade … Continue reading Ethereum Price Weekly Analysis – ETH/USD


Ethereum Price Weekly Analysis – ETH/USD Recovery Looks Real

Just one day after President Donald Trump ripped NFL players for kneeling during the national anthem, Oakland A's rookie catcher Bruce Maxwell became the first Major League Baseball Mark Canhaplayer to do the same. Here is a photo of Maxwell kneeling from Santiago Mejia of the San Francisco Chronicle. Teammate Mark Canha placed his hand on Maxwell's shoulder in support. Fr

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'Highly patriotic' A's catcher becomes first MLB player to kneel during national anthem

GUEST: Imagine if every time Apple pushed out an update for your iPhone — from a major operating system refresh to a security patch — you were required to make an appointment at an Apple store, bring your phone in at the designated date and time, and hang around for what could be several hours waiting for your phone to be serviced. Sure, maybe there would be free Wi-Fi and good cof


Auto maintenance could be more efficient in the future

Bots talking to apps is not new, but a Google property that works with an Apple property in a fluid and seamless way is kind of earth-moving. It’s not as big as a recent move by Amazon to partner with Microsoft and trigger the bots from each company by voice, but we can see where all of this is going. In a new update for the Apple Music app on Android, you can now control your musi


Hands-on with Apple Music using ‘OK Google’

“Say hello to the future” adorns Apple’s iPhone X marketing. But is the iPhone X really the future of smartphones? Or is it just Tim Cook forgetting the lessons of Steve Jobs and following market expectations and demands?


iPhone X Is Everything Wrong With Tim Cook's Apple

 Attracting investment is a milestone for any startup – it’s a vote of confidence from a respected outside expert in your space and a signal that your company is positioned for the future, which is important to prospective partners and customers, as well as future investors. Beyond that, new funding can also increase your visibility, attracting the attention of top talent and… Read


How to announce a funding round

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