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Enlarge / Kitboga getting ready to out some scammers on Twitch. (credit: Twitch) Earlier this week, live on Twitch, the streamer Kitboga attempted to place a wholesale order for an essential oil that, the woman on the phone implied to him, cured COVID-19. There is, of course, no cure for COVID-19, the disease that has infected hundreds of thousands of people internationally since

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A Twitch streamer is exposing coronavirus scams live

Maybe it's appropriate that Meghan Markle will "star" in a Disney flick. After all, most of her cult-like fanbase is living in a fairytale. The post What Meghan Markle’s Deluded Fans Refuse to Admit About Her Disney Gig appeared first on CCN.com


What Meghan Markle’s Deluded Fans Refuse to Admit About Her Disney Gig

Still stuck inside? So are we. Here are a few things that might make your self-isolation a little easier to bear.


The Best Weekend Deals: Headphones, Games, Laptops, and More

Need to take a break from the real world? Nintendo has you covered.


'Animal Crossing: New Horizons' Is the Game We All Need Right Now

Former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers warns that trying to restart the US economy too soon would put countless lives in danger and risk far more economic damage.


A Rush Back to 'Normal' Would Be the Blunder of the Century

Much of the research that emerges in the coming weeks will be turn out to be unreliable, even wrong. We'll be OK if we remember that.


The Science of This Pandemic Is Moving at Dangerous Speeds

“Remote teaching sucks. It’s yucky and it is not the future of education.” Thus spake my wife, a high school English teacher with many years of experience. And she’s right. I teach at a university, and we have also moved to virtual lessons in the face of COVID-19. Even before the current crisis, I already made extensive use of digital tools in the classroom. However, virtual lesson

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Real learning in a virtual classroom is difficult

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The best limited series to binge while you’re social distancing

BT Sport has just announced that it is joining Sky Sports in offering money back during the coronavirus outbreak.

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BT Sport joins Sky Sports in offering customers money off their bills

GameStop plans to save money by closing more than 300 stores, but it seems like only the PS5 and Xbox Series X can rescue the company. The post Only PS5 and the Xbox Series X Can Rescue GameStop’s Death Spiral appeared first on CCN.com


Only PS5 and the Xbox Series X Can Rescue GameStop’s Death Spiral

Berlin-based Arweave is a startup which is building a decentralized internet archive that it calls its 'permaweb.' This permaweb contains information from across the globe that Arweave says cannot be changed, bypassing censorship or disinformation.  Arweave is backed by Andreessen Horowitz and says it is helping people in China accurately report on the coronavirus crisis. Click her

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Andreessen Horowitz-backed startup Arweave says its decentralized 'permaweb' is fighting coronavirus misinformation in China

There are only so many hours you can watch Netflix or play Animal Crossing until you crave some other activity (and brain stimulation). Plus, doing something constructive might inspire your kids (or roommates) and keep their minds curious during these weird times.  If you're looking for a way to challenge your brain a little and entertain yourself in the process, check out some of


20 DIY projects to help you (or the kids) stay sharp while at home

TL;DR: Be more eco-friendly with Lotus Produce Bags that are 43% off, dropping the price to just $16.99 as of March 28.  While the entire population is being urged to stay home to slow the spread of COVID-19, we're all still human and need food to live. So, of course, grocery stores are staying open.  This set of nine Lotus Produce Bags includes three different sizes for all your


Get this set of 9 washable, reusable grocery bags for more than 40% off

At first, staying home seemed great: You wake up, watch Netflix, play Animal Crossing, change into a new pair of pajamas, switch over to Disney+, and then go to sleep. A week into social distancing, however, and you are probably desperate for some new forms of entertainment.  To help you out, we rounded up three streaming services you can watch that are most likely different from t


3 streaming services you (probably) don't subscribe to already, all on sale

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