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Kentucky Fried Chicken, or KFC as it is now branded, has never been a company afraid of doing strange things to get noticed. It has released songs, comic books, and gadgets like photo printers, USB chargers, and Bluetooth game controllers attached to its take-out packaging. It even recently partnered with...


KFC's bizarre VR training game locks you in a room until you learn to cook chicken the 'hard way'

President Donald Trump met with two potential challengers to a vulnerable Republican senator on Tuesday, reaffirming his baffling commitment to ousting a member of his own party from Washington. The president has made no secret of his desire to replace Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake, who escalated his criticism of Trump in his new book "Conscience of a Conservative." On Tuesday, Trump bri

Business Insider

Photo shows Trump meeting with 2 potential challengers to a vulnerable GOP senator

Canada’s Fairfax Financial Holdings Ltd. confirmed Wednesday evening that it sold Singapore-based property-and-casualty insurer First Capital to Japanese insurer Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co. for $1.6 billion.


The Wall Street Journal: Fairfax sells Singapore’s First Capital to Mitsui Sumitomo for $1.6 billion

How much is your privacy worth? Does $499,999 sound about right? Because it might soon be sold out for only a dollar more.  A company that specializes in acquiring and reselling zero-day exploits has set its sights on Signal and WhatsApp, two popular secure mobile messaging platforms, and is offering serious cash to hackers willing to play ball.  SEE ALSO: WhatsApp says it won't cr


Hackers offered $500,000 for WhatsApp and Signal exploits

24 Aug 2017, London, UK, – DOVU, the global marketplace for transport data, announces its token sale, scheduled for 3 Oct, 2017. The project aims to create a distributed marketplace for the give and take of transport-related APIs, fuelled by the DOV token. DOVU is pioneering a digital economy for the mobility sector. At the … Continue reading DOVU, Blockchain Powered Mobility, Back


DOVU, Blockchain Powered Mobility, Backed by InMotion Ventures, Powered by Jaguar Land Rover

 With a lifetime of observing the world informing our perceptions, we’re all pretty good at inferring the overall shape of something we only see from the side, or for a brief moment. Computers, however, are just plain bad at it. Fortunately, a clever shortcut created by a Berkeley AI researcher may seriously improve their performance. Read More


This algorithm cleverly recreates 3D objects from tiny 2D images

Discord is about to turn into a crucial tool for a variety of online content creators. The PC and smartphone communications app — that is primarily a means for groups of friends or fans to quickly get together for gaming sessions — is in the middle of testing screen-sharing and video calls. This new feature has rolled out to more than 10 percent of Discord users, and that includes


Discord’s screen-sharing feature makes it irreplaceable

When it comes to cloud computing, Google has long maintained that it has an edge: When a business customer uses Google Cloud, its software runs from the very same servers as Google itself, with the data traveling on Google's privately-owned global computer networks. Today, though, the search giant made a surprising change, as announced in a blog entry. Now, if you want to save mone

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Google will let its cloud customers give up a huge advantage to save a wad of cash (GOOG, GOOGL)

 Now is the time for startups to engage in strategic planning so that future liquidity needs will be met. This article discusses market trends and how debt financing and other protective measures can engineer optionality that can help a startup not only survive, but potentially thrive during a period of financial distress. Read More


Three things that every startup should consider before the fundraising tide goes out

It's still anyone's guess who'll wind up on the Iron Throne at the end of Game of Thrones (or whether there will be an Iron Throne at all). More and more, though, the signs are pointing to one guy: Jon Snow. SEE ALSO: All hail King Jon Targaryen, first of his name: Why you should support Jon Snow for the Iron Throne He's got the strongest hereditary claim, and he's cheated death so


Sorry, 'Game of Thrones' fans, it’s time to admit that Jon Snow is a terrible leader

 Anyone haunted by annoying link cruft will be relieved to hear that iOS 11 will transform Google AMP links back into their original forms when sharing a story from Safari. MacStories Editor Federico Viticci first spotted the change, which appears to be live in the new iOS 11 beta 7. Very nice: when sharing AMP pages to iMessage or Reading List, iOS 11 Safari automatically removes…


In iOS 11, Safari will strip out Google AMP links for shared stories

Consumers who are lucky enough to get their hands on one of the new Super Nintendo Classic Edition consoles will not only be getting an inexpensive remake of the popular game machine, they'll also be getting some of the top games that were made for the original version. The SNES Classic Edition is a miniaturized version of Nintendo's original Super Nintendo Entertainment System fro

Business Insider

Nintendo's SNES Classic Edition will come with three of the four most popular games made for the original version

iPhone fans will already have September 12th cleared in their diaries. After all it has been seen as the expected launch date of the new iPhone portfolio for many months. But now that appointment can be firmed up, as the date has been confirmed by a number of sources.


New iPhone 8 Leak 'Confirms' Launch Date

Since Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin use the same proof-of-work to safeguard their transaction histories, both platforms are now effectively competing for hash power.


The Battle Continues Between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash

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