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Despite its recent decline, XRP, one of the largest cryptocurrencies by market cap, now holds the potential for substantial gains. Particularly, according to a recent technical analysis by Amonyx, XRP is poised for a bullish run against both the United States dollar and Bitcoin throughout 2024. This optimism is grounded in several key technical indicators and historical price actio


XRP’s Roadmap To Success: Analyst Forecast A Strong Bullish Turn In 2024

BTC holders continue to see profits on their investments. This has remained despite the coin’s narrow price movements. A new report by Glassnode found that Bitcoin [BTC] holders have contiThe post 87% of Bitcoin supply is in profit: What it means for BTC's next move appeared first on AMBCrypto.


87% of Bitcoin supply is in profit: What it means for BTC's next move

Chinese and Russian hackers recently accessed government and company executives' email accounts, bringing scrutiny to the tech giant's security practices.

American Banker

Microsoft under fire for recent cybersecurity lapses

Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire revealed four of the biggest reasons he’s “more optimistic” about crypto and stablecoins than ever before.


Stablecoins to make up 10% of money in the next decade or so: Circle CEO

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) says 19 countries in the Middle East and Central Asia, including Bahrain, Georgia, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE, are in the advanced “proof-of concept” stage for central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). “We support policymakers evaluating the need to issue a CBDC and help them craft strong policies and regulatory frameworks […]


IMF: CBDCs Can Boost Financial Inclusion and Payment Efficiency in Middle East

Curve Finance’s native token, CRV, saw a dramatic 30% price drop a week ago. The crash, which included the massive liquidation of Curve Finance CEO’s lending positions, left many investors concerned. Whales took advantage of Curve’s struggle and loaded their bags with millions of tokens. Whales Go Shopping After CRV Dip On June 13, CRV price saw a massive drop and a high liquidati


Curve (CRV) Bounces 40% From All-Time Low As Whales Go On Shopping Spree

Maker surges with 8.93% in 24 hours after a week of bull run.  Market sentiment, and key technical indicators suggest a bull run MakerDAO’s MKR has been bullish in the last seven days. ItThe post MKR aims for $3145: Technical indicators suggest... appeared first on AMBCrypto.


MKR aims for $3145: Technical indicators suggest...

The World Gold Council’s 2024 survey reveals that central banks plan to increase gold reserves amid geopolitical and financial uncertainties. Over 80% of respondents expect global bullion holdings to rise, and 29% of central banks plan to boost their own reserves. Motivations include strategic rebalancing, domestic production, and market concerns like crisis risks and inflation. […


Central Banks Plan Increased Gold Reserves Amid Global Uncertainty: 2024 World Gold Council Survey

Providers are increasing using artificial intelligence to maintain a reliable service.

BBC News

How mobile phone networks are embracing AI

Despite inflation falling to 2%, experts are expecting interest rates to be held at a 16-year high.

BBC News

Interest rates expected to be held at 5.25%

Bitcoin (BTC) recently plunged to a one-month low of $64,000, causing concern among bullish investors who now fear impending selling pressure and a potential retest of lower support levels.  Adding to these concerns, it has come to light that a wallet belonging to the German police has moved $425 million worth of BTC to cryptocurrency exchanges, according to on-chain data firms. Th


Bitcoin Market Alert: German Government Agency Sends $425M Worth Of BTC To Exchanges

Miner capitulation and decreased stablecoin issuance are reducing crypto market liquidity. Significant outflows from ETFs are increasing selling pressure on Bitcoin. The crypto market has wiThe post As Bitcoin drops 7% in 14 days, 3 key factors explain the crypto meltdown appeared first on AMBCrypto.


As Bitcoin drops 7% in 14 days, 3 key factors explain the crypto meltdown

The families of victims of two 737 Max crashes also call for prosecutions a day after apology by chief executive.

BBC News

Boeing crash families demand record $25bn fine

Web3 aims to dismantle the centralized power structures that have enabled widespread surveillance and place the power back in the hands of the people.

BTC Manager

Blockchain can free us from the nightmares of online surveillance | Opinion

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