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Yi-Ting Cheng, a 35-year-old Taiwanese businesswoman and cryptocurrency investor, has announced that she will be in the running for the office of Mayor of Taipei, Taiwan’s capital city. As she takes her first step into local politics, she believes that the position will enable her to serve the residents of Taipei better. From Developer to Running for Mayor Yi-Ting Cheng, popularly

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Known Bitcoin Investor Yi-Ting Cheng Enters Taipei Mayoral Race

Influential investment bank Saxo released the 35 page, Q2 2018 Quarterly Outlook. In it, the bank’s newly hired Crypto Analyst, Jacob Pouncey, noted the perils of this year’s first financial quarter with regard to digital assets. Taking into account several factors, he believes the next three months could be a breakout time for digital assets, holding the potential to trigger a bul


Saxo Investment Bank is Bullish on Crypto Over Next 3 Months

Hot on the heels of their Coincheck acquisition, Monex has stated that Japanese exchanges need to have tougher regulations in place. Japan has long been known for being a crypto-friendly country. In fact, they saw phenomenal numbers last year when $97 billion was traded in just one month. In addition, reports for the 20th of April show that Yen-based Bitcoin trades made up more th


Japan Needs to Have Stricter Exchange Regulations According to Monex

The Vietnamese market is under the eye of the government as of late due to a scam which saw a reported VND 150 trillion ($650 million) stolen from local Vietnamese investors on April 8, 2018. Rallying All the Ministries Around New Crypto Regulation The Vietnamese firm responsible had its office raided in Ho Chi Minh City on Sunday, April 8th, 2018. The tech firm was pushing iFan.io

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Vietnamese PM Directs Ministry to Strengthen Oversight Following Crypto Scam

Wikileaks, the whistle-blowing organization which is now almost solely run by founder and fugitive Julian Assange from a small room in the Ecuadorian embassy in London where he is claiming asylum from the police, claims that its official store has been taken down by cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase.Read more...


Coinbase Reportedly Shuts Down Wikileaks Store, Assange Calls for Boycott in Response

On Friday, April 20th the mining operation Antpool explained that the public may have recently noticed a fraction of bitcoin cash being sent to an unspendable address every time Antpool mines a block. Antpool says that it is burning the funds sent to the “black hole address” voluntarily for the good of the BCH economy. Also Read: Indian Exchange Takes Central Bank to Court Over Ban


Antpool Begins Burning BCH Network Fees Increasing Digital Scarcity

Blockchain-based betting ecosystem PROOF OF TOSS has launched its referral program and is getting ready to demonstrate the beta-version of the platform. Users will have a chance to test the MVP during the token sale which is planned to begin on 24th April 2018. Right here, in this article, you can see the samples of platform interface. Two solutions PROOF OF TOSS is a betting ecosy


Buyers of TOSS Tokens Will Have a Chance to Test the Ecosystem during Token Sale

Users have reportedly been buying more hardware wallets to store their cryptocurrency holdings than ever before, clearly indicating a preference for cold storage instead of exchange-provided wallets. Paris-based Ledger, which raised $75 million from its investors in a recent round of funding, announced January 23, 2018, that it had sold its millionth Nano S hardware wallet. What Is

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Sale of Hardware Wallets Rise as Users Scramble to Safeguard their Crypto

Blockchain-based platform designed to bring algorithm creators and investors together on an auction-based marketplace launches ICO. The platform will be one of the first projects to implement Waves’ smart contracts. Its TNG token baked on Waves will be available a wide range of users, both inside and outside the Waves community. Today many large funds, institutional investors, and


First Marketplace of Trading Algorithms Tradingene Supported by Waves to Launch ICO 16th of May

Blockchain start-up White Rabbit, developers of a browser plugin that allows users to legally stream movies and television series from any open streaming service, has announced a strategic partnership with K5 International, a subdivision of K5 Media Group, a renowned media production company that has produced Oscar-nominated films. Financial details of the partnership, which was a


Blockchain Meets Movie Industry as White Rabbit Teams Up with Production Company K5

A new startup called Revealer is on a mission to create sound backup solutions for cryptocurrency mnemonic phrases and seeds. Just recently the company launched its first product dubbed ‘Revealer Zero’ – a small card system that visually encrypts and decrypts digital currency seed phrases or any alpha-numerical secret. Also read: German Cops Look Hard at Antics of ICO Savedroid Aft


Revealer Card Visually Encrypts a Cryptocurrency Seed Phrase

Vitalik Buterin has sent out an April fools prank this year that left the community with some concerns. While his prank consisted of a new fixed supply proposal for Ethereum, called Fixed Supply EIP 960, he later tweeted that whether it was a joke or not, he argued if the community wanted to adopt a new fixed supply implementation then it should adopt his EIP 960 Proposal. Every Gr

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Community Reacts to Vitalik’s April Fools Prank: Fixed Supply EIP (EIP 960) Rejected

Planning a thorough journey to a foreign land might be an ordeal for many, as it involves visiting numerous websites and services in order to find and book a flight, a hotel room, or some excursion. Tourist service providers often tend to charge enormous amounts of money for doing it all on your behalf; websites in your destination country may have no version in the language you sp

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Blockchain Project Smart Trip Will Make Planning Your Trip Easy as Pie

The cryptocurrency markets have enjoyed a strong week, with BTC, BCH, and many altcoins generating significant gains in recent days. There is considerable uniformity shared among major altcoin markets, with many cryptocurrencies recovering to test the 0.236% retracement areas after breaking above descending trendlines. Also Read: Kraken CEO Condemns “Hostile” Questionnaire Issued b


Markets Update: Altcoins Rally During Week of Bullish Action for Crypto

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