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With 'Who Is America?' Sacha Baron Cohen is once again attempting to pull the veil off American hypocrisy. His critics say he's plenty guilty himself.

The Washington Post

Sacha Baron Cohen’s new show offers a pointed critique of America. His targets say he’s a dishonest liberal.

Naoyuki Akikusa was Chairman of the Board, CEO and President of Fujitsu Limited.


Naoyuki Akikusa

Guerrino De Luca is the Chairman of the Board of Logitech International S.A., a personal computer peripherals manufacturer.


Guerrino De Luca

People cheered Starbucks' recent decision to ditch straws.

CNN Money

How companies change packaging without alienating customers

Adware is software that displays advertising on a computer, redirects search results to advertising websites and collects user data for marketing purposes.



The anniversary of the blockchain split that took place on August 1, 2017 is just two weeks away. Over the past few months Bitcoin Cash (BCH) infrastructure support and development has been exponential, while BCH proponents have also seen a bunch more announcements during the second week of July. Also read: Have You Tried Blockchain 5.0 Yet? Nobody Else Has Either The Bitcoin Cash


BCH Roundup: Steady Development, Market Uptrends, and New Apps

France has done it. France is the 2018 FIFA World Cup champions. Fate handed the French a gauntlet run of juggernaut knockout opponents but Les Bleus found a way to beat Argentina, Uruguay, and Belgium to set-up a final showdown against Croatia on Sunday, July 15. The entire World Cup tournament delivered incredible moments, dramatic games, and stunning goals — and the tournament f

Business Insider

Brilliant Mbappé, insane Varane, and a Floyd Mayweather spirit — This is everything you need to know about how France won the 2018 World Cup

Financial services might be something you take for granted. Depositing, borrowing and withdrawing capital is as easy as going to your local bank branch, but there are billions of individuals worldwide with no access to something as simple as a bank account. 77% Of Filipino Adults Do Not Have Access To Financial Services CNN’s Philippines branch recently reported that a survey con


The Unbanked Population: Crypto’s Calling Card?

Prime Minister promises extra investment for industry weeks after Airbus threatened to leave UK.

BBC News

Theresa May: Brexit plan will boost UK aerospace

After announcing in early May that it would begin accepting cryptocurrency Sadaqah (donations), the Shacklewell Lane Mosque collected a staggering 13,983 GBP in digital currency during Ramadan.  The Turkish-run mosque in Hackney, East London initiated its plan to accept cryptocurrency earlier this summer, becoming the first in the country — and one of only a few in the world — to


UK Mosque Raises 14,000 GBP in Cryptocurrency Donations Despite Concerns of Islamic Leaders

Wall Street investors find themselves facing off with a bull of their own, one that is in its ninth year and, despite being beset by a cavalcade of concerns, appears on the verge of resuming the second-longest run since WWII.


NewsWatch: Stock-market bull is still on its feet, snorting its way past 1 obstacle after another

Decentralised Capital, an Australian advisory firm “specializing in blockchain assets” and “asset management services,” has announced a partnership with Custodian Vaults, an Australian private vaulting company, to offer insured cryptocurrency custody services to the Australasian market. Also Read: Have You Tried Blockchain 5.0 Yet? Nobody Else Has Either Decentralised Capital and C


Australian Firms Partner to Provide Crypto Custody Services

Elon Musk launches a vicious Twitter attack Sunday against one of the divers who helped rescue a group of boys from a Thai cave last week, calling him a “pedo” after the diver criticized the Tesla chief’s failed bid to aid the situation.


The New York Post: Elon Musk calls Thailand cave rescue diver a ‘pedo’ in Twitter outburst

President Donald Trump's one-on-one meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin that's set for Monday dominated discussion on this week's Sunday political shows. The summit comes on the heels of special counsel Robert Mueller's indictment of 12 Russian intelligence officials for interfering in the 2016 US presidential election. Here are the highlights:President Donald Trump calls

Business Insider

Trump's meeting with Putin, the Russian indictments, and the trade war with China: Here are the highlights that matter from the Sunday shows

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