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Project Overview Updated:

Project name

Algory Project

Ticker ( Symbol )


Timeline ( UTC )


Target / Supply Amount

60,000 ETH
64,200,000 ALG


Algory Project -  First such a powerful and multifunctional trading tool for Cryptocurrency Traders working in real-time. Algory will revolutionise trading in the cryptocurrency market and will become an integral part of trading for all traders in the world. It is the most actionable and multifunctional tool ever built for individual crypto-traders all over the world. Algory Project includes 13 tools that will make you a more efficient and more profitable trader.

Team Members

Tomek Przybycien : Co-Founder
Dominik Gordel : Co-Founder
Marcin Gordel : Blockchain & Software Developer
Kuba Jodłowski : Product & Software Developer
Wojciech Gordel : Product Manager
Anna Przybycien : Marketing/PR
Adam Stankiewicz : Project Manager on Asian Market
Katarzyna Matysek : Customer Services Manager
Przemyslaw Borecki : Trading View Manager
Emilia Ruminska : Media
Piotr Wojtczak : Designer/Animator

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