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Tokenmom exchange

티커 ( 심볼 )


일정 ( UTC )


목표량 / 총공급량

2,100,000 USD
2,000,000,000 TM


We accomplished many features already and our exchange tokenmom.com launched finally and it's free service for users to trade their tokens or ICO tokens earlier.

Tokenmom Exchange allows all tokens(Ethereum based ERC20 and ERC721) to be traded. No signup, deoposit and withdrwal required. Only with importing user's existing wallet, creating new tokenmom wallet or logging with Metamask wallet, users can trade their tokens in realtime anywhere, anytime with PC and Mobile.

The best advantage is that users can trade all ethereum based tokens, even if they are not listed on exchange market.

Although the decentralized exchanges are growing around the world, since only market-listed tokens are available for trading, ICO investors have been waiting for their tokens to be listed on the exchange. Tokenmom has made it possible for users to trade all ethereum based tokens via their personal wallets in real time, regardless of the exchange’s listing. This is a big difference from other decentralized exchanges. In addition, even if tokenmom exchange is hacked or closed, it does not have to worry about it because users own still the tokens in their personal wallet. Users only need to thoroughly manage their personal wallet security. Therefore, escape from tokenmom exchange is free anytime, anywhere.



We sell only 40% of total supply, and we don't proceed with ICO and so you can try us and buy TM COIN at Tokenmom Exchange.

In order to maximize the profit of the initial investors, the price will be differentiated step by step(8 step) and so the earlier investment profit will be maximized.

The target price of TM Token is 0.01 $ (about 11.3 KRW). Thus, investors who invest first become more profitable.

We also aim to operate TM Market and the exchange fee is free and the tx fee will be received as TM token, which helps Tokenmom exchange to regain TM token and so more profitable for investors.

This depends on the success of both TM token's sales and tokenmom exchange.

Furthermore we can burn TM coins that we received as TX fee.

Users can pay exchange fee and tx fee as tm and vote for token listing


1.Feb 2018 – Anonymous decentralized exchange research begins

2.MAY 2018 – Gathering of highly skilled development team

3.June 2018 – Start building decentralized exchange

4.Jan 2019 – Launch of tokenmom.com over 700 coins for FREE and reward TM to users. TM token sales

5.MAY 2019 – Listing TM on other exchanges

6.Jan 2020 – Improving and developing new & free decentralized exchange with using NEW blockchanin (1TM: 2 NEW COIN SWAP)


팀 구성원

Jinsu Kim : CEO & Cofounder
Daniel Soo : Chief Strategy Officer & Director
Donggyu Choi : Chief Technology & IT specialist
Daeho Ra : Chief Platform Officer
Li Ming : Chief Developer Manager
Sarlongda : Chief Developer & Manangement
Vilay Hong : Web Developer
Heyri Yu : Marketing Manager
Lara P. : Project Contents Manager
Miles Zabala : Marketing Manager
Hybie Caballelo : Marketing Manager

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