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티커 ( 심볼 )


일정 ( UTC )


목표량 / 총공급량

30,000 ETH
250,000,000 REPU


Every year, social networks are gaining popularity, giving users the opportunity to communicate, exchange information, entertainment and just spend a free minute watching their friends. On the other hand, social networks have become a powerful tool for businesses when promoting their products/services by targeting the user audience.

The REPU system (abbreviated from English – "reputation") is a revolutionary project that allows you to completely rethink the way social networks are perceived. REPU is a rating and feedback system based on decentralized blockchain technology. Technology allows you to completely replace the system of “likes” with the rating - both for users and for companies. The rating, subsequently, can be used as an assessment tool in various areas of the individual’s life - starting with professional skills, financial stability, and ending with all possible aspects of behavior and interaction with the public.


*Closed Round dates: 03 February - 18 March.
*Pre-ICO dates : 19 March - 26 March

팀 구성원

Maksym Tkach : Co-founder
Maksym Lenets : Co-founder
Bohdan Pavlyshenko : Chief Delivery Officer
Maksym Trostyanchuk : Mobile Solutions Manager
Nazar Ivanchuk : Technical Lead
Viktor Skabiak : Middle Android Software Engineer
Yuriy Pyrko : Python Software Engineer
Oleksandr Samborskiy : PHP/Angular developer
Constantine Mizgirov : QA Lead
Danylo Pidhainyi : QA Engineer
Igor Marckevych : Chief Legal Officer
Leonid Pokrova : Legal & Compliance
Maksym Ivanyshyn : Legal & Compliance
Alla Macewicz : Legal & Compliance
Peter Zhalov : Advisor
Samuel Dionne : Advisor
Dinesh Desu : Advisor
Tom Budd : Advisor
Kos Chekanov : Advisor
Juan Otero : Blockchain & Innovation Advisor
Vasileios A. Pasparas : Blockchain Advisor
Anton Gerasimov : Blockchain Advisor
Manish Patel : Blockchain Advisor
Boris Otonicar :
Saurav Tomar :

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