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프로젝트 오버뷰 업데이트:



티커 ( 심볼 )


일정 ( UTC )


목표량 / 총공급량

20,000,000 USD
378,333,333 ORV


Orvium is an open source, decentralized framework for managing scholarly publications’ lifecycles and the associated data.
Using cutting-edge blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies, as well as decentralized storage and big data, Orvium creates a public, traceable, and trustworthy record of the research publication process.
Through continuous and transparent review by members of the scientific community, with reputational and economic rewards for peer reviewers, Orvium improves the effectiveness of research production and validation, empowering the research community to determine the validity and soundness of published work.
Eliminating current practices within the publishing industry regarding plagiarism, idea ownership, and registration, Orvium allows authors to retain control of their work and its potential economic benefits, publishing with optimal publication and access costs.
Orvium’s ultimate objective is to be the leading publication platform while returning the benefits of science to society.

팀 구성원

Manuel Martin : Co-Founder, Senior Project Leader and Blockchain Expert
Antonio Romero : Co-Founder, Technology Solution Architect
Roberto Rabasco : Co-Founder, Application and Cloud Technology Expert
Alberto Di Meglio Ph.D. : Scientific Advisor, Head of the CERN openlab
Tom Soderstrom : Scientific Advisor, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer
Chris Mattmann Ph.D. : Scientific Advisor, Associate Chief Technology & Innovation Officer
Miguel Angel Pesquera Ph.D. : Scientific Advisor, Professor and Head of Transport & Logistics
Nico Orce Ph.D. : Scientific Advisor, Nuclear Physics and Nuclear Astrophysics
Jesús Villadangos Ph.D. : Scientific Advisor, Professor
Bernd Lapp : Business Strategy Advisor, Former Advisory Board of the Ethereum Foundation
Nicolai Oster : Business Strategy Advisor, Head of ICO Department
Christopher Tucci Ph.D. : Business Strategy Advisor, Chair in Corporate Strategy & Innovation
Franco Amalfi : Business Strategy Advisor, Director of Innovation
Davide Gallo : Business Strategy Advisor, Manager of the Partner Ecosystem
Ruben Garcia : Business Strategy Advisor, Marketing Expert
Marek Herm : Business Strategy Advisor, Partner, Attorney-at-Law, Tax Counsel
Jose Carlos Luna Duran : Computer Engineer and Security Expert
Marc Magrans de Abril : Software Engineer and Economist
Ignacio Coterillo : Database and Software Engineer
Hector Valverde Ph.D. : Solution Architect
Jose Andres Cordero : Full Stack Software Engineer
Raul Murillo Garcia Ph.D. : Software Engineer
Carlos Ghabrous Larrea : Software Engineer
Alejandro Iribarren : Computer Engineer and Storage Expert

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