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티커 ( 심볼 )


일정 ( UTC )


목표량 / 총공급량

20,000 ETH
100,000,000 LST


LIVESHOW is in the live video industry, first take the system platform by using block chain technology. The traditional video broadcast industry, there are many drawbacks. First of all, the lack of privacy, the private information of users and models stored in the server, easy to steal by hackers. Secondly, the model of payment is multi agency extraction, shrinking revenues. In addition, the user recharge tokens, if not used, can not be converted into cash, and models, labor remuneration is less than 50 or 100 dollars, unable to extract remuneration. In view of the above situation, LIVESHOW uses a new block chain framework, after the user login server, do not fill in any information. Download a simple client software, according to the choice of model, get a key. Through direct contact with key models, paid directly by "LST" tokens, "LST" can be purchased from the market at any time. The model through the performance, get the user "LST" bounty, then "LST" through the market, change into a variety of legal tender. This new model, remove the center transactions, save a lot of time and procedures. To improve the security of user privacy and models, a substantial increase in the income model.

팀 구성원

Andrey Safronov : CEO
Roman Popov : CTO
Ivan Sokolov : Developer

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