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Hashgard is a distributed, trusted asset management protocol and a high functionality next
generation digital finance public chain.

Hashgard provides a one-stop blockchain solution for asset management in digital finance. Hashgard
has a large number of business modules, including operational-level on-chain data, advanced
versions of asset management autonomous organization, a smart contract system tailored for asset
management, able to systematically support the issuance, management, trusteeship, settlement,
audit, process control, and dispute arbitration of decentralized assets.

Hashgard is an open, highly-expansive ecosystem. We will have in-depth collaboration with other
ecosystems in terms of identity authentication, content distribution, predicting markets, asset lending,
trusted data validation, cross-chain collaboration and so on, to jointly build infrastructure in the digital
finance field and provide complete functional modules for decentralized applications on the chain. We
will continue to expand new modules based on the needs of applications.

Hashgard will solve the pain points in digital finance and protect investors' assets through
technological innovation and ecological construction in an effort to ultimately achieve distributed
inclusive finance.

팀 구성원

Tom Huang : Co-founder, COO
Charlie Xu : Founder
Frank Yang : Technical Director
Cindy Fang : Financial Manager
Grace Zhong : Administrative Manager
Iris Li : Public Relations Manager
Mika Ye : UI Designer
Victor Wu : Product Manager
Shawn Yang : Developer
Vicky Wang : Community Manager
Keren Yin : Business Development Manager
Joe He : Developer
Shunyi Xu : Developer
Bo Shen : Advisor, Founding Partner of Fenbushi Capital
James Gong : Advisor, Founder of CYBEX & ChainB
David Lee : Advisor, Professor at Singapore University of Social Sciences Partner of Blockasset Ventures
Haifeng Xi : Advisor, Former WanCloud CTO Co-founder of IRIS
Min Zhang : Advisor, Managing Partner of Heli Investment
Sunny Lu : Advisor, Co-founder and CEO of VeChain
Eva Foo : Advisor, Founder of Scry.info
Shuo Bai : Advisor, Former Chief Engineer of Shanghai Stock Exchange, Head of ChinaLedger Technical Committee
Cindy Deng : Advisor, Director of Corporate Finance Department and Associate Professor in Finance at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

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