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Cu Coin

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Cu Coin (MBX) represents an electronic warehouse receipt exchangeable for 1kg of 99.99% physical copper stored at a BMC warehouse. Warehouse receipts are documents that provide proof of ownership of a commodity stored in a warehouse or vault. Ownership of the underlying asset is transferred together with the transferal of the receipt to a new holder.


Cu Coin (MBX) is the best deal for Copper you will find online! In addition to our Fee Token bonus, a second ERC-20 token which will act as a MBX internal payment currency pegged at 1 USD (for online exchange and physical delivery fees), ITO purchaser’s of any size benefit of our industrial bulk discounts. These discounts are made possible through our supplier network and economies of scale. The price of Cu Coin (MBX) will depend on the stage discount and the locked in market price (determined by the LME) during the bulk order at the end of each stage.


Physical Traders

• No unnecessary storage or logistics until end consumer.

• Blockchain authenticated certificates and BMC ensured quality eliminates the risk of fraud for buyers.

• Smart contracts replace costly merchant banking as complex trades can be executed by programming simple applications on the blockchain that fulfill contractual obligations automatically and turn by turn.


Financial Instrument Traders

• No counterparty risks and direct link to physical copper.

• Transferable between online exchanges and markets across the globe.

• Lowest transaction and trading costs thanks to the blockchain.

• Run on decentralized platform considered impossible to hack.

• Copper sold significantly below market price to ITO purchasers.


Long-Term Investors

• Copper is a limited precious metal used in almost every industry.

• Demand largely linked to use of electricity and electrical devices.

• Surge in renewable energies and electric cars is likely to drive prices up.

• Rewarding and relatively low risk investment opportunity.


Crypto Traders and Enthusiasts

• We accept common crypto currencies and turn them into copper that you store in your ERC-20 wallet.

• Enjoy all the benefits of a less volatile token with fluctuations that depend on global economic factors.

팀 구성원

Sven Köksal : CEO
Mikail Agasiyev : CFO
Alex Gazar : COO
Toghrul Eyvazov : CSO
Gary Brooks : CTO

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