Bloquid The ICO Project

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프로젝트 오버뷰 업데이트:



티커 ( 심볼 )


일정 ( UTC )


목표량 / 총공급량

3,000,000 USD
100,000,000 BQT


Bloquid opens up a fundamentally new opportunity for tokenization of mortgage, which annual issue volume is estimated at $ 4 trillion. Project allows real estate owners to get a stable crypto asset – Mortgage Unit [MU] by mortgaging their property.

Here is how it works. The issuance of the [MU] is going after the signing of two contracts with the owner of the real estate: a tokens loan agreement and a real estate mortgage agreement. After mortgage agreement passes registration at state ledger, electronically signed proof of mortgage data are transferred to smart contract which release [MU] tokens and transfer them to the property owner under the interest-free loan agreement.

The amount of [MU] tokens that a mortgagor can receive in exchange of mortgage is determined by a formula, which basic parameters are regulated by e-voting of Bloquid project tokens (BQT), which are secured by intellectual property of the project and provide rights and a key for system usage.

Blockchain technology allows you to check each collateral value, location, assignment. Such transparency gives undeniable advantages to the [MU] token in comparison with traditional investment instruments — mortgage backed securities.

팀 구성원

George Zhukov : Founder Legal, strategy, blockchain, CEO, R&D
Valentin Kislyy : Co-Founder Legal, blockchain and DLT regulation
Nadezhda Kydryashova : Co-Founder Chief Legal Officer
Rostislav Vylegzhanin : Co-Founder PR, crowdsourcing
Roman Lvov : Chief Investment Officer
Dmirty Yarmosh : Project management, DSS
Denis Semenov : Chief Valuation Officer
Philipp Keleinov : Software Development Team Lead
Denis Epishev : IP Legal support
Mikhail Tomilov : Intern Translation Comunications
Andrey Belyaev : Web/IT Support and administration
Dauren Toleukhanov : Investor relations adviser
Vladimir Diakov : Real estate valuation, scoring and risk management adviser
Andrey Zyikov : Taxes adviser
Vasiliy Burov : Open data and crowdsourcing adviser
Mikhail Lyamin : Adviser, Capital markets research Analyst

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