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BetCrypto Club

티커 ( 심볼 )


일정 ( UTC )


목표량 / 총공급량

5,050,500 USD
777,000,000 BCCT


BCC challenges the common gambling platform (every platform that exists) where the service provider is the “Bank”, and as the bank, it takes advantage of tweaked winning/losing chances to generate earnings for the “House”. BCC is only a link between players and does not earn a profit from lost bets.

Fair winning chances are 100% guaranteed as BCC is not a casino and do not benefit from players loses. Winning prices are strictly honest and attached to the possibilities of winning, where 50% of winning chance means a 2x win.

A trillionaire industry remade by today’s technology with the power of blockchain and decentralization. Be part of the revolution.

Fees charged for using BCC platform will be allocated in vaults. These fees represent the only income of the platform, which means that the sum of the vaults balance is 100% of the total earnings. BCC will store these earnings in three different vaults. "Fee Vault", "Dev Vault" and "Charity Vault".
* Fee Vault: 85% of the platform income * Dev Vault: 10% of the platform income * Charity Vault: 5% of the platform income.

Benefits for token holders: - Holding BCCT will make a holder eligible to receive monthly airdrops. BCC will buy this tokens on the public market with 85% of the total monthly income of the platform, that is stored in the "Fee Vault."
Utility for token holders: - Holders will have rewards for making referrals, earning 25% of the referee's fee for every play they make. - Holders will have the possibility to compete against other BCCT Holders and earn BCCT for winning against them. - Holders will have the right to vote on polls for the following subjects:
* New games implementations
* New coins supported
* Monthly election of the Charity organization - Holders will have the possibility to interact with an integrated Market Place inside BCC platform.

Preventing Dump
The max. supply is being sold on public sale – there will be no possible dump from the team nor private sales.

Rebuy and Burn
BCC will allocate 100% of the “Dev Vault” during 2019 to rebuy tokens on the public market and burn them, reducing the circulating supply. During 2020, BCC will allocate 70% of the monthly income to rebuy tokens on the market. During 2021, BCC will allocate 40% of the monthly income to rebuy tokens on the market.

Liquidity and order books
Using the whole “Fee Vault” (which represents 85% of the total platform incomes) to rebuy and airdrop BCCT among holders, we guarantee a constant moving market with substantial liquidity.

The value of the platform will be directly connected and reflected on the tokens value.
This will allow creating a positive impact on the market during the price stabilization. By doing a buyback, BCC will also provide liquidity into the market.
Coins burned will lower the max. supply increasing the value of the token.
Holders will have more reasons not to sell their tokens once it goes public since they will have a more valuable coin after a supply decrease.
This is a crucial feature for making BCCT a more attractive investment for early buyers.

BCC team will not hold nor retain BCCT (BetcryptoClub Tokens). This will prevent a dump from the team once the coin goes live on the exchange listing.

ONE WORD: Betting made decentralized & fair.

ONE SENTENCE: First P2P platform to play, bet and compete against other players in real-time based on smart-contracts and blockchain technology.

팀 구성원

Alejo Marcos Chababo : CEO

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