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프로젝트 오버뷰 업데이트:


Astra Network

티커 ( 심볼 )


일정 ( UTC )


목표량 / 총공급량

5,000,000 USD
1,000,000,000 ANX


Astra development team identifies Astra as a travel social network dedicated to users, with the desire of connecting travel lovers around the world and bringing interesting and unlimited knowledge about various tourist destinations. Astra is a content-focused social network with rich, authentic content development mechanisms that give users the opportunity to experience a world of accurate and interesting information. Astra creates a community of people who love and want to explore tourism, where proven, trustworthy stories and valuable experiences are exchanged, thereby inspiring movements. The Astra Application has six main features: Connectivity, Share, Reward, Travel Knowledge, Buy/Services and Marketing. Different from other social platforms, Astra focuses at the tourism market, ensures fairness for users by rewarding them, ensures the accuracy of information by using information filtering tools and optimizes marketing services for tourism services providers. With a strong development team and well-known investors including Shark Pham Thanh Hung from Shark Tank Vietnam, Astra is moving forward with great ambition and big effort. 

팀 구성원

Hoa Nguyen : CMO
Ta Ba Trung : Blockchain Developer
Phung Dinh : COO

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