ARFREYR - Presale The ICO Project

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ARFREYR - Presale

티커 ( 심볼 )


일정 ( UTC )


목표량 / 총공급량

30,000,000 USD
750,000,000 FRY


Journey of ARFREYR started with our CEO having difficulties with purchasing clothes of right fit online, and he was sure it was not a problem faced by only him but definitely by every other online shopper. So he started a quest to find a solution for it, he identified AR as the choice and formulated a small team of enthusiastic individuals with great expertise in the domain.


We built and launched PinTrip on AppStore just to tap into AR’s potential as it was in its nascent stages back then, this helped us get versatile with AR. We then started building an eCommerce store which would have all its merchandise showcased using AR and our customers can then have a real life like experience for any product not limited to clothing that they wish to purchase on our store. We also started building a POC to leverage blockchain for our supply chain management


Since eCommerce is a vast field which deals with supply chain management, order processing, customer support so on and so forth... We wanted to proceed for an ICO to raise funds. If you believe in our idea and our expertise with Augmented Reality, hop onto our wagon and be part of the revolution we are trying to bring in! The best part about ARFREYR is that we strongly believe that crypto is the future and customers can choose to buy products in our store either with Fiat or any supported cryptocurrency (FRY for better discounts)

팀 구성원

Sudesh : CEO
Sandeesh : COO
Yaswath : CTO
Balakrishna : AR expert
Haris : Blockchain Developer
Girish : Branding and Marketing Director
Anil Kumar : Advisor Entrepreneur and Banker

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