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Ambit Mining - Presale

티커 ( 심볼 )


일정 ( UTC )


목표량 / 총공급량

40,700,000 USD
104,000,000 AMBT


We are experienced miners, who managed to build 1 MW mining and 5MW hosting facility in Georgia, Tbilisi Free Industrial Zone.  We have achieved ROI in just 5 months, following profitability of the project, now we aim scaling to 20 MW mining infrastructure, providing - mining, hosting and cloud mining services.

Ambit mining is the only ICO with the existing mining infrastructure, experience and proven track record. All this is reflected on “Ambit Mining” youtube channel. The company is located in Georgia, Tbilisi Free economic zone, which gives various benefits such as, cheap green electricity of 5 cents, no tax or VAT, and favorable government regulations. It partners with major mining hardware and cooling system manufacturers, farther decreasing consumption of electricity. Our main value is transparency and experience. Every variable related to the mining operation will be disclosed to the token holders, each token holder will have voting right to influence important business decisions.

Pre-sale - 4/10 12:00PM to 4/27 12:00PM
Main sale - 5/1 12:00PM to 5/30 12:00PM

팀 구성원

Beka Vashakidze : Founder & CEO
Giorgi Inashvili : Chief Operational Officer
David Kochiashvili : Lead Software Developer
Aleksey Kuksin : Software Architect
David Gelashvili : Partner at BDO Georgia
George Khmaladze : Chief Financial Officer
Levan Nadiradze : Chief Project Manager
Tato Tsintsadze : Chief Energy Officer
Mikheil Todua : Head of Marketing
Nino Lazarashvili : Graphic Designer
Revaz Kuparadze : Marketing Strategist
Zakro Gogolidze : Senior Web Developer
Tornike Sekhniashvili : Visual Specialist
Lasha Nozadze : Digital Strategist
Vasil Otiuridze : Hosting & Mining Manager
Ioseb Kistauri : Chief Technology Officer
Giorgi Jakonia : System Administrator
Markus Baist : Project Manager
​Daniel Bianchini : Project Manager
Karan (Kay) Khemani : Advisor, Chief Executive Officer of SPECTRE
Miguel Palencia : Advisor, Chief Information Officer at Qtum Foundation
Andrii Matiukhin : Advisor, Chief Technical Director at Hacken
Davit Mrelashvili : Advisor, Region Lead: CIS & Eastern Europe of ZenCash
Nodar Kolmakhidze : Advisor, Chief Investment Officer at Cindicator
Vasil Revishvili : Advisor, Partner, CIO at Thales Investments
Hitesh Juneja : Advisor, Chief Marketing Officer at SPECTRE
Daniel Espaillat : Advisor, Entrepreneur/Cryptocurrency Investor/Bitcoin Enthusiast/ICO Advisor

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