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n/a AIC
22,500,000 AIC


World is changing. World has already changed. New world appeared, cause people started to want more, started to seek, started to demand from life new resources, new offers, new flows. Cryptocurrency came to this world as iconic step. Iconic step, that humanity is developing and doesn’t want to stand on the same place anymore. We all pushing each other for the changes, for the new achievements, for the qualitatively new level of life. New world with its new set up is demanding for the change of the system and resources, which we use. That’s why we would like to introduce for Your attention unique in its kind idea: platform, which will unite all the people around the world.

AKAIITO is complex of platforms united in one resource, which is allowing to live in real world by using new currency – cryptocurrency. This is unique opportunity to buy goods, to rent cars and apartments, to use different services and help of specialists from nanny to lawyers, by using crypto money.

”Unseen red thread is uniting those, who meant to meet… AKAIITO is uniting.”


팀 구성원

Sergey Brek : Founder
Katja Krolova : CEO
Denis Kanavin : Co-Founder
Vladislav Garbuzenko : Lead Developer
Serhii Yelchenko : Developer
Aleksandr Rakutin : Developer
Zahar Deina : Developer
Ksenia Deina : SMM
Dmitriy Polozkov : SMM
Eduard Shultzik : SMM
Andrei Tšerednik : Lawyer
Muhammad Netto : Support
Tamara Bazylko : Developer
Alexandr Karmyzov : SMM

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