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Golden Currency - Presale

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Target / Supply Amount

n/a IGCT
200,000,000 IGCT


Golden Currency is a project of the first cash money on blockchain, fully functional private currency, and convenient and efficient infrastructure for its use with utilization of modern technologies, including blockchain.
Otherwise, we are talking about creating an independent legal private analogue of the Central Banks, which uses the accumulated experience and modern technologies to ensure reliable and convenient money.
Here are just some of the advantages that a new currency will provide:
Existence in cash (paper, anonymous) and non-cash form;
Independence from the governments of any countries, political or economic situation in any country, but at the same time the complete legality of its functioning;
100% backed by gold, the storage and management of which is carried out independently of the issuer; the owners of Golden have a guaranteed opportunity to get gold in exchange for Golden;
Use of modern blockchain technologies for currency infrastructure (starting from ensuring the independent and reliable storage of gold, and ending with the implementation of payments and currency conversion);
Convenient, fast and cheap conversion into any world fiat currencies and crypto-currencies (a link between fiat and crypto-currencies);
Familiar modern money infrastructure - ATMs, bank cards, POS- terminals, online banking, mobile applications, etc.
The entire infrastructure of Golden will provide its user with such conditions that it will not matter in which currency to keep his funds in terms of functionality. And if so, taking into account the advantages of the Golden currency, it will be favourable for the user to keep money in Golden, which is not subject to national risks and inflation.
The increase of the currency use, and therefore, the maximization of its turnover and the monetization of the project, will take place on the basis of ensuring and developing its competitive advantages.

ICO token IGCT
Pre-ICO token PGCT is a VIP token of Golden Currency, providing its owner unique opportunities and advantages in buying Golden and its infrastructure services throughout all the period of its ownership, in particular:
1. Free ICO token for each PGCT.
2. Free Golden banknotes backed by gold for each PGCT at the time of the first issuance (details on the number of PGCT for one free Golden is provided in White Paper).
3. After the first Golden emission PGCT will become a discount token, providing the following opportunities:
а) to buy Golden in the amount of PGCT tokens at each Golden issuance with discount from 5%,
b)  to get VIP services, discounts for using Golden infrastructure,
c) other privileges

After registering on the website https://goldencurrency.world, you will be prompted to enter the Partner code when investing. Enter the code coinhills1239713 and you will receive an additional bonus of 3%.

Team Members

Igor Chekun : CEO, Founder
Lev Voronov : Founder
Paul Glover : Advisor, Ithaca Hours Founder
Willow Liu : Country Manager China
Quentin Herbrecht : Country Manager France
Joylin Telagen : Country Manager Philippines
Sayed Ahmed : Country Manager Egypt
Dean Harry : Country Manager Australia
Kamal Mustafa : Country Manager India
Hendra Kholis : Country Manager Indonesia
Nguyen Vo : Country Manager Vietnam
Ali Inanir : Country Manager Turkey
Juarez Weiss : Country Manager Portugal
Giuseppe Balsio : Country Manager Italy
Naviim Kapoor : Advisor

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