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15,000,000 USD
35,000,000 C3C


C3C is a revolutionary protocol for replacing the advertising-driven business model of online media by directly connecting creators, consumers and advertisers.

Team Members

Rafael Vieira : Co-founder, COO CryptoCoin.News
Tobias Ratschiller : Co-Founder, CEO CryptoCoin.News
Simon Cocking : Co-founder, Editor in Chief CryptoCoin.News
Tom Bell : News Anchor, CryptoCoin.News
Maria Vovchok : News Anchor, CryptoCoin.News
Hellen Moss : News Anchor, CryptoCoin.News
Kostya S. : Director, CryptoCoin.News
Anton R. : Video Editor, CryptoCoin.News
Sergey K. : Illustrator, CryptoCoin.News
David Drake : Advisor
Hrish Lotlikar : Advisor
Simon Cocking : Advisor, Editor in Chief CryptoCoin.News
Rafael Vieira Co-founder : Advisor, COO CryptoCoin.News
Tobias Ratschiller : Advisor, Co-Founder, CEO CryptoCoin.News
Tom Bell : Advisor, News Anchor, CryptoCoin.News
Maria Vovchok : Advisor, News Anchor, CryptoCoin.News
Hellen Moss : Advisor, News Anchor, CryptoCoin.News
Stan Przhegodsky : Advisor, News Anchor, CryptoCoin.News
Idy Tanndy : Advisor, News Anchor, CryptoCoin.News

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