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Target / Supply Amount

1,000,000,000 EUR
1,125,000,000 AEQ


German cooperative corporate structure with tax-free reimbursements from operating crypto 2-way ATM's and point of sale devices for the EEA. We also working on liquid cooling mining systems and are developing a new proof of process.

Team Members

Thomas Beyersdorf : Management board of Deutsche BlockChain eG
Björn Pusch : Management board of Deutsche BlockChain eG
Dieter Klaas : Management board GenoTrust eG
Isabella Helm : Management board of GenoTrust eG
Marc Rapf : Management board TrustXchange eG
Mario Friedl : Management board TrustXchange eG
Frank-Andre Schlipp : Management board CoopGo-University
Steven Breuer : Head of Communication
Frank-Peter Evertz : Advisor
Dennis Niedergesäß : Advisor
Detlev Köhler : Advisor
Reinhold Bartha, LL.M. : Advisor
Erwin Küpper : Advisor
Omar Dador : Advisor
Matthias Twerdy : Advisor
Sasan Feizi Zadeh : Advisor
Ralf Knobloch : Advisor
Marcel Knobloch : Advisor
Regina Wagner : Advisor
Thomas Gansert : Advisor
Thomas Bünten : Advisor
Aaron Koenig : Advisor
Alexander Wiechers : Advisor
Charles Kieffer : Advisor
Stefan Mielke : Advisor
Florian Weber : Advisor
Lawyer Reinhold Bartha LL.M. : AML Officer
Dominik Fünkner : Data protection officer
FoX S4ke : Lead Software Developer
Tobias Rathjen : Lead Hardware Developer
Tobias Dehmel : Liquid Cooling Expert
Ralf Jakob : Technical Assistant
Dirk Schadach : Dipl.-Physicist, PLC/SW
Ulrich Ross : Senior Security Consultant
Georgios Carapoulios : Blockchain programmer
Jürgen Ladstätter : Software Developer
Michael Otte : App developer
Oleksandr Makhinich : Software developer
Eduard Savushkin : Software developer

Token Platform


Own Blockchain

Country Base


Social Activities

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