The public API service we are maintaining, was improved to provide more available market data. With the various coin and currency codes, now you can access the average prices of all markets pairs available in Coinhills. Please take care of that some market information could be discontinued suddenly by the market situation.

The search page has been newly launched. We wish it supports more comfortable access to information. Now you can go directly to your favorite or interesting digital coins and assets pages. We'll continuously improve the search function with other Coinhills' services.

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Coinhills had been using YQL (Yahoo Query Language) service for providing national currency exchange rates and evaluating the cryptocurrency composite indexes. But recently, we have found that the YQL is unstable and is feeding inaccurate data. Therefore, we decided to replace YQL with the Open Exchange Rates ( openexchangerates.org ) as the currency exchange rates provider.
We stopped the global stock index service on the dashboard. We'll try to focus on the services and information related to digital currencies including Bitcoin.

Coinhills now provides the information about Bitcoin related statistics. At first, we prepared the new pages about the daily exchanged volume statistics of bitcoin to various fiat currencies markets. Other statistics and analytics data will be supported soon.

Coinhills started to provide the CSPA Index and status information thru its public API service. Currently, Bitcoin and Litecoin CSPA ( Coinhills Spot Price Average ) Index and Coinhills' overall service status API calls are available. The API service will be expanded continuously. ETH, DASH and others will be supported soon. Moreover, we are developing several new index scheme together.

Public API documentation is available here.

We started CSPA Index service for digital currencies price average. From now on, The BTC/USD average price displayed at the Coinhills front page has been changed its name as CSPA:BTC. This index is representing the 'Coinhills Spot Price Average' Index.

It is calculated by the data gathered from various digital currency exchanges globally. When the data arrived, every price is converted to USD counter value and it is weighted by the 24 hour trade volume of each market. And then all those are combined as one global average value. For a long time, we had hard time to make it stable and reliable. Currently, over 80 global digital currency exchanges are registered at Coinhills.

We've changed the official logo as a result of improving CI. Firstly, It was applied to the website in general. We hope that You are not confused to use the web service of Coinhills. Thank you!

Many people feel the lack of mobile web services which are dealing information about Bitcoin and various digital currencies. Therefore we have done to develop all the pages as good to view on your handheld mobile web browsers. From now on, whenever we create a new content, we will always consider the mobile environment.

Hope to have a good experience!

We started to provide the Korean language service on most of Coinhills pages Now, Coinhills support 3 languages as like English, Chinese and Korean. And then we'll prepare other languages soon as possible based on the user access logs.