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X-power Chain

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18,800 ETH
1,000,000,000 XPO


X-power Chain, a blockchain focused on public commercial screens, aims to construct an eco-platform based on blockchain technology. It promotes public commercial screens from blockchain advertising, blockchain content and the blockchain DAPP and strives to build an open platform to exploit their potential value to benefit global developers, content producers and content consumers.
X-power Chain has cooperated with more than 10,000 enterprises, which are global public scenarios (hotel, restaurant, health club, café, KTV, and bar, etc.),such as Huaxia Liangzi, Chongqing Fuqiao, Hehe Datang, Confucianism Hall, Shanliwa, Hanting Hotel and other well-known brands in the industry. About 70,000 terminals of 400,000 contracted ones have been installed with daily flow of tens of millions of people covered.
Cooperative company overview:
Huaxia Liangzi Group, a group company specializing in the healthcare industry, manages more than 300 chained stores in China. In 2007, with the approval of the Ministry of Commerce, Huaxia Liangzi went to Europe and established a European headquarters in Germany, becoming the first person in the health industry to go to the world. On June 22, 2007, the first branch company in foreign countries was established in Bad Kissingen, Germany, and then three branches were established in LINGDAO Hamburg and Bad Munrett in Germany. In April 2009, the Helsinki store opened in Finland, and the Dutch and British branches were established.
Chongqing Fuqiao, the first Chinese-funded leading enterprise to successfully use the red-chip model to be listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. Relevant data show that Chongqing Fuqiao Company ranks first in the country in terms of scale, employees, operating income, and market share in the Chinese foot bath health care industry. “Fu Qiao” has become a well-known trademark in China's health care industry. “Fu Qiao” is synonymous with foot bath and health care, and is synonymous with health.
Wuhan Hehe Datang Hotel Management Co., Ltd. is a diversified company integrating hotel rooms, catering, foot massage and health care. Its branches have expanded to Wuhan, China, Jingzhou, Enshi, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. , Kunshan, Hefei, Anhui, Kunming and other places. In 2010, Hehe Datang went to Dubai and successfully took the pace of transnational development. Not only that, but also in the United States, New York can see the image of Hehe Datang. In the future, Hehe Datang will open 20 stores in the United States, then travel to Australia, Southeast Asia, and Central Asia, allowing Australia, Thailand, Dubai and other countries to hang on the signature pedicure store of Hehe Datang. 
X-power chain connects every public commercial screen by means of WI-FI probe and image recognition, etc., recording the traces of user consumption, entertainment and study. Real Time Bidding based on advertisement classifies the screens and users by a refined way, and achieves accurate marketing with performance of the advertising.
In the future, the user’s Internet of Things can share the services provided by X-power Chain by accessing X-power Chain. For example, users can acquire applications in various scenarios through its application to realize the manipulation of various devices and go to the next public screen when leaving the current screen. Behavior preferences can be accurately recommended according to personal attributes, portraits and behaviors.
X-power Chain is an open platform to offer an DAPP app store for global developers. With X-power Chain's PDPOS system, global developers can code high-quality service for billions of users. In order to save and ensure distributed system consistency, X-power Chain uses KAD algorithm, hash algorithm, consensus algorithm and machine algorithm. In addition, X-power Chain supports sidechain agreements to ensure the mutual flow of assets between the X-power Chain and other blockchains.
X-power Chain dedicates to improving the processing speed of blockchain transactions, and hopes to apply core innovations to public commercial screen scenarios to bring greater value to society:
    · PDPOS(an improved DPOS) consensus algorithms
    · Support sidechain protocols through two-way hooks to achieve cross-chain circulation of assets
    · Explore distributed data storage and reading solutions based on Merkle Tree to improve data access speed

Team Members

Chen Maoxiong : Senior Consultants
Yohei Ishii : CEO
Rebecca Wang : Chief Financial Officer
Maria Gao : Chief Officer of Market Operation

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