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Target / Supply Amount

500,000,000 PXP
1,000,000,000 PXP


PointPay is a revolutionary blockchain-powered online platform with a unique combination of features, including a multi-currency crypto wallet, allowing customers to send instant peer-to-peer wires, PointPay crypto exchange platform, and the full-spectrum PointPay Cryptobank.

Team Members

Andrey Svyatov : CEO
Anna Foster : COO
Ivan Levitskiy : CTO
Halina Hulidava : CQO
Renat Vakilov : Crypto Bank PM
Artyom Zbandut : Crypto Exchange PM
Anatoly Gugel : Crypto Wallet PM
Alex Varigin : Project Manager
Andrey Korovin : Sr. Software Developer
Yuri Surbashev : Sr. Software Developer
Ilya Shabanov : Sr. Software Developer
Irina Karpenko : Sr. Software Developer
Sergey Kovalev : Sr. Devops Engineer
Sergey Vishnyov : Sr. IOS Software Developer
Maksim Sukalov : Android Developer
Olga Luilko : Sr. Graphic UX/UI Designer
Maria Blyashchuk : Business Development
Alina Ibragimova : VP of Customer Relations
Natalya Nakhmanson : Legal Counsel
Konstantyn Poplavsky : Content Writer
Candy Zuo : Content Manager (Asia)
Liliya Nixon : Sales and Marketing Manager
Jay Derenthal : ICO Advisor
Kevin Kim : ICO Advisor
George Dicdiquin : ICO Advisor
Mikael Araujo : ICO Advisor
Alexander Svyatov : ICO Advisor
Ilya Polyakov : ICO Advisor
Vishal Savaliya : ICO Advisor
Alex Prokopenko : ICO Advisor

Token Platform


Country Base

United Kingdom

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