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Target / Supply Amount

12,500 ETH
6,000,000,000 MNC


MONEYNET is an incentive-based cryptocurrency community where members can share investment information and acquire a reward. Members can freely share information such as cryptocurrency chart analysis, Altcoin buy/sell target price, promising ICO recommendations and get a reward as other members who think the information is valuable. Unlike other communities where members cannot get rewarded for sharing information, MONEYNET has a distinct feature that gives users an opportunity to receive a monetary reward (cryptocurrency) depending on how many other members like the information.


Namely, MONEYNET is a community website that

1) Integrates all cryptocurrency investment information distributed through Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, Trading View and etc.

2) Is similar to Steemit but has a more systematic and improved rewarding system.


We are providing crypto-related information for 100k+ users and our monthly active users are around 850,000.

We are currently in the process of our new project, applying blockchain technology into our website and developing MONEYNET website as an incentive social media platform. We have noticed that in the current social media platforms, only 20% of the total profits are back to the content creators, which generates the unequal distribution of values created.

To solve this problem, we are aiming to return 75% of total profits back to the content creators through the decentralization of social network. Content creators will receive the most of donations from users.

In addition, we will be launching MONEYNET’s own token named MNC on this August. Users can receive MoneynetCoin(MNC) as a reward for sharing valuable information. The amount of MoneynetCoin(MNC) to which users have access will depend either on other user’s likes or MNC, bought directly from crypto exchanges. Users may also freely transfer tokens to other members in the community. With MNC, we are planning to provide MNC PAY service to enable AD platform, ICO rating service, and various contents

Team Members

YouSik Kim : CEO
YoungKook Kim : CTO
Andrew Noah : CMO
Younghoon Ha : Core Developer
SooHyun Park : Mobile App Developer
Sodam Kim : Marketing Specialist
SeungYeon Bae : IT Security Manager
Lucas Kim : Global Communication Manager
Jina Kim : UI/UX Designer
Diana Byun : Global Marketing Manager
Leo Jo : Global Marketing Manager
Jinsung Park : Community Manager
Dahyeon Lee : Content Manager
Almir Salimov : Advisors
Ismail Malik : Advisors
Mikhail Skobenko : Advisors
Evgeniy Pan : Advisors
SunGi Bae : Advisors
Youjin Jang : Advisors

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