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350,000,000 LQ8
700,000,000 LQ8


Liquid8 aspires to be the next-generation financial services platform that will help bridge the gap between real-world assets and the emerging digital economy with the utilization of blockchain technology and smart contracts. Liquid8 will offers a complete off-chain and on-chain tokenization protocol to put the world’s assets on blockchain securely and seamlessly. The tokenized asset can then be exchanged and loaned between community members via Liquid8's multi-asset wallet.Liquid8's multi-asset wallet will be connected to the multi-functional platform, making it an one stop solution for storing and managing crypto assets and tokenized assets, as well as a gateway to obtain financial services and products within your fingertip.Liquid8's Features & Advantages:Multi Asset Wallet – Liquid8 presents a simple and convenient solutions for community members to obtain financial services, and to manage and store both crypto assets and tokenized assets directly via an intuitively designed Multi-Asset Wallet.P2P Social Exchange – Liquid8 connects trading parties in any location within an efficient, secure, transparent and fair environment, allowing crypto-to-fiat or crypto-to-crypto transactions based on mutually agreed exchange terms, with any preferred payment method.P2P Instant Exchange – Liquid8 is developing an Instant exchange protocol with proven technologies to enable smart price-optimizing and liquidity access to major centralized and decentralized exchanges for instant conversion between different crypto assets.P2P Globalized Lending – Liquid8 offers a revolutionary lending platform that connects fiat-based lending with crypto-based lending via the utilization of blockchain technology and smart contracts; Creating an efficient, secure and flexible lending environment for both lenders and borrowers.

Team Members

May Sukumpeeranont : Co-Founder Chief Executive Officer
Michael Lim : Chief Operation Officer
Carl Kongka : Co-Founder Chief Technology Officer
Jirawan Prempee : Co-Founder Chief Commercial Officer
Leong Hon Chan : Co-Founder Chief Investment Officer
Sudarat Suttaloon : Co-Founder Chief Research Officer
Tionz Tay : Co-Founder Chief Strategy Officer
Tayri Tay : Co-Founder Chief Marketing Officer
Anthony Georgiades : Technical Development Lead
Stanislav Sahniuk : Blockchain Development Lead
Sergey Blazhko : Senior Mobile Apps Developer
Denys Yakovenko : Front-end developer
Mykola Vdovychenko : Legal Advisor
Alexander Linenko : Tokenization Advisor
Rumen Slavchov : PR & Marketing Advisor
Andrey Korotkov : ICO Business Analyst
Prakash Pandey : ICO Advisor
Benoit Thimister : Investment Strategy Advisor
Enrique Carlos Peribanez Villa : Investment Strategy Advisor
Harry Choong : Startup Advisor
Rumen Slavchov : PR & Marketing Advisor

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