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Target / Supply Amount

10,000 ETH
200,000,000 JOY


7,072.36 ETH raised.

JOYSO suggests a hybrid design for token trading, combining the advantages of a centralized exchange - fast and fully-featured - with the advantages of a decentralized exchange - improved security and privacy.

This hybrid exchange  (HEX), able to handle all ERC20-compatible tokens, eliminates the need to trust a central exchange with your private key or personal information, reducing to a historical minimum any opportunities for hacking. It takes order placement and order matching off-chain, substantially improving the user experience compared to decentralized exchanges. 

In brief, the benefits and innovations of the JOYSO model are these:

All orders are limit orders, giving users the best possible price.

Smart matching is done off-chain, providing fast processing and one-to-many matches.

Smart matching eliminates security issues like front-running and makes arbitrage by the exchange transparent.

One-to-many matches merge multiple orders into one transaction, so gas fees are substantially lower than in first generation decentralized exchanges.

The exchange cannot alter the balance in a user’s account, and has no access to the user’s assets.

Users do not need to log on to a website; they just sign the bid or ask using their own wallet and send ether directly to the smart contract.

Users have the ability to cancel transactions up until they are matched and can even lock the smart contract themselves.

Completed trades are published on the blockchain in a transparent, traceable way.

Team Members

Tom Soong : CEO
Taka Kao : COO
Will Hsieh : CTO
Yi-Cyuan Chen : System Architect
Yu-Han : R&D Engineer
Kevin : Legal
Clarence Chou : Legal Advisor
Changwu Chen : Advisor
Tony Tu : Advisor

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