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Target / Supply Amount

25,000,000 USD
375,000,000 CAV


Caviar is a dual-purpose token and crowdfunding platform that seeks to reduce investment volatility (“beta”) while capturing higher than average rates of return (“alpha”). Caviar will achieve these goals by combining investments in fast-appreciating crypto-assets with income-generating short-term loans, backed by real estate in the United States.  By re-allocating funds between crypto and real estate markets, Caviar aims to provide income and growth via dual market exposure in a single token.

Team Members

Kirill Bensonoff : Partner
Guy Neumann : Partner
Alex Shvayetsky : Partner
David Drake : Strategic Advisor
James Jamil : Legal Advisor
Kairat Kalieyv : Business Advisor
David M. Wirth : Data Science Advisor
Benjamin Finch : Strategic Advisor
Ihor Pidruchny : Technology Advisor
Kathy Berardi : PR Advisor
Ivan Labrie : Trading Strategy Advisor
Gabriel Jarrosson : Advisor
James Sowers : ICO Advisor
Mikahil Savchenko : Advisor

Token Platform


Country Base

Cayman Islands

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