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12,000,000 USD
200,000,000 C8


Carboneum, an openly distributed protocol, is creating a democratized social trading platform, named CoinRadars. on top of the protocol, with its own token named Carboneum token (C8). It is worth highlighting that, as an open protocol built on our off-chain technology, Carboneum will be completely compatible with other apps in the ecosystem such as StockRadars, CoinMax and other future platforms.

CoinRadars platform allows users who are not equipped with the required knowhow to make their own judgement on digital asset transactions to follow expert traders and copy their trading orders, either automatically or manually. CoinRadars also promotes a great degree of customization, permitting users to adjust and match their risk preference and desired return. All of the transactions conducted using our platform will be executed via exchanges, thereby leading to huge organic trading volume for exchanges.

In addition, we are offering a unique revolutionary incentive system based on a Win -Win- Win or Lose -Lose -Lose approach in which followers have to pay a fee to the leaders and Carboneum only when the trades make a profit, realizing a fair monetization mechanism for the stakeholders involved.

Finally, Carboneum token is utility token, named C8 token, that can be used primarily on, but not exclusively to, social trading features for digital assets. However, C8 token will become an integral part of the ecosystem. The users will able to pay for the fees on CoinRadars using C8 to receive a discount, as well as being able to access premium features. Furthermore, C8 token will be usable on the company’s existing service, StockRadars, to receive discounts on the fees.

Team Members

Max Kortrakul : Founder & CEO
Pavalin Masagee : Head of Business Development
Dr.Akadej Udomchaiporn : Head of Research
Artiya Thinkumpang : Core Developer
Ian Borders : Carboneum Maker
Korn Chatikavanij : Advisor, Chairman of Thai Fintech Association,
Pawoot Pongvitayapanu : Advisor, CEO and Founder TARAD.com
Krating Poonpol : Advisor, Managing Partner 500 TukTuks
Kai Tsang : Advisor, Ex-Head of App Store Team, Apple Inc.
Somboon Sukheviriya : Advisor, CEO Comanche International Public Company Limited
Louis Ryu : Advisor, CEO and Founder, Shift. Korea
Sakolkorn Sakavee : Advisor, Co-Founder of Bitcoin Thai Club
Rawit Hanutsaha : Advisor, Managing Director of Srichand United Dispensary Co., Ltd.

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Cayman Islands

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