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300,000,000 BBT


 A Revolutionary Blockchain-Based Platform for Both Gamers and Online Gaming Operators Over the years, the ecosystem of the Cryptocurrency has grown significantly, ever since the unveiling of the Bitcoin currency in the year 2009. Cryptocurrencies are typically electronic assets; those created and transferred without the interference any bank or government authority. There are a number of factors those contributed to the success of Cryptocurrencies, but the biggest being is their underlying technology “Blockchain.” Before, we move any further, it is crucial to know a brief about the Blockchain Technology- Blockchain is a digital ledger that records each and every transaction made over the Cryptocurrency network. Compared to other computer technologies, it is far more safe and secure from hacking and other cyber threats. This is because, the data once added to the Blockchain ledger cannot be deleted or edited by any member of the network, thereby making it is the most reliable technology in the present digital age. Not just Cryptocurrencies, the Blockchain technology in the recent years have gained grounds in various industries, spanning from the aviation to the Banking sector. Many revolutionary products have been designed and developed over the principal technology of Bitcoin. And, one such pioneering product is the BigBang. It is a global loyalty & rewards network aimed at allowing gamers and eSports participants to play and get loyalty points they can trade with BBToken (BigBang’s very own digital currency) or other cryptocurrencies. What is BigBang Ecosystem? BigBang is one-of-its-kind Blockchain-powered loyalty & rewards program which encourages gaming freaks of this modern age to play online games like the Casino using it’s digital currency and get BBTokens as rewards in exchange. A BBToken is the smallest unit of the loyalty reward offered by BigBang gaming network.

Although the Cryptocurrencies in the last couple of years have come a long way in winning over the trust of the investors worldwide, the common people are still hesitant to try it when playing online casino games. Not only the gamers, the small to medium-sized gaming operators are also not interested in adding Cryptocurrency as a payment acceptance mode. However, imitative like the BigBang is there to break this barrier promoting the use of Cryptocurrency for mutual benefit. What is BigBang’s Ultimate Mission? BigBang’s sole mission to build a loyalty & reward platform that will help the virtual gaming industry operating in any geographical region, of diverse capacity and capabilities to connect with their potential gamer base via the BigBang Platform. Benefits to the Online Gaming Portals- - Reduced transactions costs - Boost turnover with BBToken rewards and loyalty scheme Benefits to the Gamers - Gamers will get rewards in form of BBTokens for their every payment via the BigBang Platform. - They will also get rewards for friends’ invitations, Facebook likes, and much more. - Improved Security & Transparency Final Thought After going through the above, you probably come to know what BBToken is all about and why it is been termed as a game changer for bridging the gap between online gaming websites and gamers by weaving a loyalty program.

Team Members

Peter Chen : Founder / CEO
JUN TOMITA : Co-Founder, Branding Director
ANDREW WEIR : Global Business Development Director
VINSHU GUPTA : Blockchain Architect
CHIKARA SATO : Head of Marketing & Sales Asia
OLES KOSIUK : Influencer Marketing
HARVEY LANOT : UI/UX Graphic Artist
AMRITA DEVI : Community Manager
POOJA SHARMA : Web Development Manager
KISHAN SHARMA : FullStack Developer
EMMANUEL SAMSSON : Strategic Partner & eGaming Advisor
ALEX CHANG : Global Gaming Marketing Advisor
ONG JUN HAO : Marketing Strategic Advisor
IHOR MARKEVYCH : Legal Advisor
KIYOSHI MATSUO : Financial Audit Advisor
TAKUMA ABE : Global Strategy Advisor
YASUO TAZOE : Business Development Advisor
FARZANEH FARHANGMEHR (PH.D., MBA) : Artificial Intelligence & Big Data Analytic Advisor

Token Platform


Country Base

Republic of Estonia

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